Microsoft teams up with Huawei on hybrid flash Azure stack

Huawei’s infrastructure provides lower latency and performance for hybrid cloud clients.

Huawei and microsoft are joining forces to offer clients an all flash Azure Stack service to speed up adoption of cloud services. The partnership signifies businesses may easily make use of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service using on premise architecture to make sure they meet customer requirements and may comply with any information safety concerns. This is particularly useful for extremely regulated industries, where locally stored information is vital. The stack comprises Huawei’s FusionServer 2288 H V5, ES3000 V5 NVMe SSD, CloudEngine 6865 switch and the company management applications for keeping at the top of the implementation.

This addition means businesses can efficiently monitor information usage and manage their switches operate diagnosing CPU, memory and PCIe card flaws. Can be rapidly rectified, resulting in less downtime. Microsoft is a technology innovative, client focused company such as Huawei and also a very important partner for Huawei, said Kenneth Zhang, general manager at Huawei IT Server Solutions. This joint launching of the most flash Azure Stack solution is another testimony of our strong partnership. For a power increase, customers may choose to label on up to 24 Huawei ES3000 V5 NVMe SSDs into the setup, offering much greater I/O performance and increased read/write bandwidth for data intensive applications.

It also boasts latency levels, making it work more efficiently for applications that require a quick data transfer speed. We’re excited to partner with Huawei on the top performance Azure Stack integrated system, and we believe this leading hybrid cloud solution will empower our mutual clients to acquire the chances of transformation. , Adam Owee manager of OEM in Microsoft’s Greater China Region. As the world’s leading cloud service provider, Microsoft introduced our advanced cloud technology and operational experience in Azure Stack, in order that our clients can now utilize the most recent AI, IoT and Edge technology for innovation, in their very own data centre. From China to the world, Microsoft is dedicated to cooperate with more partners like Huawei, to thrive the development of the cloud ecosystem.

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