Corporate Office Properties Trust is building two information centres in Northern Virginia

Unspecified installations for unnamed clients.

US based Corporate Office Properties Trust is planning to construct two information centres in Prince William County, North Virginia. Both websites will be located at Innovation Park – a site designated as the Data Center Opportunity Zone Overlay District, offering 10, 000 acres of land for electronic infrastructure projects. The district provides generous tax exemptions – based on some 2016 demonstration, Prince William County has the lowest effective tax on computers gear in North Virginia – and power rates which are about 40 percent cheaper than the US average.

Construction of the first centre has already begun.

– Park Life.

COPT is a real estate investment trust which specializes in offices and information center properties for the US government and its contractors. Its latest crop of projects will be situated in North Virginia – the biggest regional data center market in the world. This part of the Commonwealth benefits from transatlantic cable connections, low taxes, inexpensive power and close proximity to Washington. Around Northern Virginia, many counties monitor for data center projects and associated tax revenues – the favorites include Prince William County, Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Fauquier County and Culpeper County.

Prince William County alone is accountable for more than 3 million sq legs of white area, with 34 data center jobs to date, $6.9 billion in capital expenditure and 967 jobs created. The exact size of COPT’s forthcoming facilities hasn’t been shown, neither was the name of the anchor tenant, or even renters. Prince William County is a fantastic choice for COPT to enlarge due to the abundant access to land, power and very low latency fiber connectivity found in innovation Park, stated Steve Budorick, Chief executive officer of COPT. The County is a fantastic partner in encouraging our service delivery to our customers.

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